The Royal Room

Curtis Stigers

March 28 – 31 & April 1

A career that has touched every continent and every genre, with a string of singles, millions of records sold and a 23 year recording career.  Mr. Stigers started his career playing standars in a Boise hotel lobby, and today he continues to fulfill a promise made to a younger version of himself : a commitment to artistic growth, and to bring new tunes to the Great American Songbook.

Often euphoric and always elegant, Mr. Stiger’s songs dart easily between standards and songs that perhaps should be. Like Sinatra and Nat “King” Cole, Stigers possesses a curator’s knack for hearing a song, framing its heart and making it his own, be it the work of Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Wilco or The Kinks.

But Stigers’ repertoire is not so much eclectic as it is a reflection of his appreciation for the fundaments of tone and craft, for quality. (He credits his mentor, the late soul jazz pianist Gene Harris, for his first lessons in the art.) Though much has been made of Stigers’ perceived transformation from pop to jazz artist, in retrospect the progression of his work seems both organic and practical. “Pop used to be jazz. Jazz has always been about reinvention,” Stigers notes.


Reviews of Curtis Stigers:

The New York Times:  ‘Rock’n’roll and jazz share so many of the same artistic bloodlines that it’s remarkable the two don’t fuse more often into the kind if inspired marriage of visceral clout and intellectual savvy conjured by the singer, songwriter and saxophonist Curtis Stigers.’ Stigers is the rare breed of talent that can embrace the Great American Songbook while keeping the music utterly contemporary.  A resounding triumph!’


The Cost to Attend Curtis Stigers:

$85 entertainment charge for week days and $95 Friday and Saturday.


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